A Bible Study Bundle on the Book of Proverbs


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A 4-week Bible Study Bundle with a full Bible Study, a printable Bible journaling kit, Scripture reading and writing plan, and BONUS videos

Welcome to our Wisdom for Everyday study.

In this study, we will focus on the most profound example of a “Wisdom Book”. It is, as its name implies, a book filled with proverbs, or short sayings that instruct us on how to live full and righteous lives.

This Book offers us knowledge, but it also supplies an abundance of practical ways to USE that knowledge, therefore turning it into wisdom.

And remember, as you work through this study, that none of these precepts can be accomplished in our own strength for very long. It’d simply be too hard. But we can do all things through Christ in us.

Use the Wisdom for Everyday Bible Study Bundle to discover

how you can engage with Scripture and connect with God.


This study is set up so that you can go through a Proverb a day (there are 31 of them). However, don’t let it discourage you if you fall behind. Just pick up where you left off and take as long as you need to complete it. It’s not a race and you won’t be graded!

How it works: each day you will be given your reading assignment and a few questions to think about.
You can work through these or not, as time permits. There are some days when you will be asked to choose a proverb to focus on. We are providing a “cheat sheet” that can be printed out and used as a bookmark throughout the month to guide you if you want to do even deeper on any particular day.

Finally, there is an overarching assignment during the study, and although this, too, is a bonus, we truly think it will be encouraging and a great reference for later.

You will gain insight and wisdom from the Word of God for your life through this study... and we are excited to share it with you.

31 Days of Bible Study!

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Or join SojoAcademy for $29/Month to gain access to additional resources and monthly bible studies!

Testimonials Section

"I was so energized and inspired me with ways to make prayer, praise, and studies portable and fun."
- Allie

"I love how all these different personalities and ways can help me develop and improve my learning and retention of God's Word."

- Pam

"I wanted to share I finished the study. It was a really good study and I learned about God and myself through the study"

- Michele




  • A 31 Day Bible Study Workbook - A beautifully designed, Bible Study workbook on Wisdom for Everyday. The 45-page PDF file is an intense way of digging into the Scriptures.
  • Scripture Reading and Writing Plan - A 31-day Scripture Reading Plan that corresponds with the subject of the Bible Study. This two-page PDF file includes both checklist and calendar formats (Note the calendar is from when the study was originally released in Sojo Academy but can still be used at any time :) ).
  • A Full Bible Journaling Kit - Flex your creative muscles with a complete Bible Journaling Kit. The PDF file includes (5 printable pages of background papers, 3 printable pages of Bible Journaling elements, 3 lined note sheets).

"My Bible study habits are much more regular and disciplined and are definitely

helping me grow in faith and knowledge of God. Thank you all so much!"


Or join SojoAcademy for $29/Month to gain access to additional resources and monthly bible studies!

"I’ve been part of the group for almost a year and have not been disappointed in any of the studies! What a blessing"


On-demand Video Workshops

Watch 4 on-demand video workshops {originally in Sojo Academy}.

  • Jumpstart Workshop: A workshop to kick off the start of the new Study that includes practical action steps you can implement to reach your spiritual goals.
  • Tuesday Teaching: A short teaching session with the Bible Study author.
  • Create & Connect: Put on your creative hat and learn new ways to use the beautifully designed Bible journaling resources.
  • Group Bible Study: We put our heads down and finish off the final week of the Bible Study with a short co-study session.

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"I’m feeling a hug in my heart as I go thru the studies. I haven’t done anything in my life like this before. Thanks, Jen and AJ!"

- Tina